Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia (2012) – Colombia SIRCI (Integrated Collection System, Control and Information)


For the project, the municipality decided to select new AFC operation company for ‘Transmilenio’ which is usual and a rapid transportation channel consisting of 36 stations and 10,000 the citizen’s in Bogota. LG CNS was selected as a winner of international public bidding its business scale reached about 300 million US$ and contracted Tmoney as device provider. Tmoney started to provide various devices from the year of 2012.

Tmoney’s Role

12,000 bus validators, 4,000 top-up devices, 250 ticket vending machines, 500 hand-held devices and relative SW etc.


By implementing the AFC(Automated Fare Collection) and FMS(Fleet Management System) targeted on 7,000 buses, 120 BRT stations the transfer system has been totally integrated. This project will be operated during the next 15 years and its scale is up to $ 300 million. Every real time data such as bus location or driving speed collected by FMS which includes GPS receiver, on board device, communication modem is transmitting to the central server for total settlement. Second case of applying Tmoney specification to overseas following New Zealand case.