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Automated fare collection (AFC) system means automatic payment way for public transportation channel such as bus or metro using RF(Radio frequency) contactless smart card - an automated version of manual fare collection by cash.



BMS transmits various operational data in real-time to the BMS center using a mobile or exclusive communication network. In addition, BMS center sends out operational commands and instructions to the buses over the network.


Fleet Tracking System Fleet Tracking System

KSCC opened STIS(Seoul Taxi Information System) in August 2012 for Seoul Metropolitan Government by continually upgrading the transportation income amount system, and through this system provides services for the safety and convenience of the citizens. KSCC also opened provide mobile call services.


STIS, High-end, Mobile app STIS, High-end, Mobile app
Express Bus

Express bus industry was in need of a dramatic service improvement through revolutionizing their system. Through E-Pass project whole system has been improved.

Express Busview

SE-pass E-pass

Mobile Tmoney provides convenience & fastest payment method to users and merchants just tagging cellular phone at the affiliates including bus, metro and taxi without any approval nor signature. Tmoney Pay is payment system through mobile app and launched ‘Business taxi’ first as its category.


Mobile Tmoney, Tmoney Pay Mobile Tmoney, Tmoney Pay

Tmoney prepaid card issued by Korea Smart Card is one of the payment channel like cash or credit card.


Acquiring Service

KSCC is leading prepaid card market, as well as launched credit card network service on 2014 to expand into the general market beginning from payment device installation and approval of credit card transactions/ transmission.

Acquiring Serviceview