[The 48th Trade Day Commemoration] Tower of 10 million dollar export

Achieved export of TMC traffic card system to overseas markets such as Wellington and Auckland in Malaysia and New Zealand
TIMMA Traffic Card System Benchmarking city traffic officials around the world

Korea Smart Card Co., Ltd. [Representative Park Gye-hyun,] will be awarded the "Top 10 Million Dollar Export Tower" at the 48th Trade Day Ceremony held at COEX, Seoul,

The awards ceremony hosted by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) is a ceremony to select companies that have contributed significantly to overseas market development and export growth.

Korea Smart Card has been actively promoting the export of TMC Traffic Card System from Wellington and Auckland in New Zealand in 2008. In 2010, the Smart Card was transferred from the transportation company SPNB [Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd] The company has been selected as the 'Cashless Bus Ticketing System (CBTS)' system provider in Malaysia.

With the world's largest public transport data processing infrastructure, advanced transportation card system technology, and implementation know-how, Korea Smart Card's TMC Traffic Card System is recognized as a worldwide success, and its technology and know-how It is acknowledged.

"The TMC Traffic Card System is the most advanced system in the world in terms of technology, infrastructure, operational know-how and transportation card settlement scale," said Park Kyae-hyun, president of Korea Smart Card. "In the future, "We will further strengthen our global leadership by optimizing and leading international standardization work."

On the other hand, Korea Smart Card successfully recognized the technology and operation know-how of the Seoul Metropolitan City's new transportation card system business in 2004. By implementing public transportation policies such as the integrated distance-proportional fare system and transit discount system with advanced IT convergence technology, It is evaluated that it contributed greatly.