Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Mongolia (2015)


In accordance with the Decree No. 81 of the Ulaanbaatar City Council in 2013, the UB city decided to introduce new technologies in the bus operating system. In order to implement the project “urban management information services and electronic payment systems for public transport projects”, the city selected as the winner of a tender in August 2014.

Tmoney’s Role

USCC (Ulaanbaatar Tmoney Company) was established to implement and operate Ulaanbaatar’s New Transportation Card System (U-money). Since its inception in 2014, USCC has been operating UB city’s integrated fare collection system that includes the issuance of Tmoney cards and the clearing and settlement to numerous operators from mid 2015.


The scope of the project is clearly specified as the Bus Management System (BMS), e-ticketing, and Bus Information System (BIS). Routes and schedules planning would be done by the Geographical Information System (GIS). Actually operated routes and schedules would be monitored and checked with the mandated ones through the BMS. (Data related with bus performances of each operator are compiled. Those data are bus arrival/ departure time and number of alighting/ boarding passengers by every bus stop of each route; travel time, speed, traffic accidents of each route; other detailed information.) Business areas will be expanded to Taxi & retail payment, E-Pass (highway toll), BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) & BIT (Bus Information Terminal) and so on. Success in Mongolia will be the foundation for a series of further projects in Central Asia.