Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand (2008)


New Zealand developed “cost-effective” Tmoney card based payment system for Wellington.

Tmoney’s Role

Contract with Snapper which runs officially Wellington’s Tmoney card business.


The bus solution being implemented now in Wellington and operating more than 400 buses is wholly consistent with the philosophy of quick boarding and focusing the bus driver’s attention on operating the bus safely, reliably and courteously. A state-of-the-art touch screen bus driver console handles the driver’s sign-on, dispensing of receipts to cash-paying customers and counting of riders who present paper passes or multi-ride tickets, and controlling the card validator for Tmoney card users. Seoul’s smart transportation card system’s excellence has been globally acknowledged, bench-marked and actually introduced by many other countries. New Zealand was our first global reference as Tmoney. After completing system delivery, Tmoney has been working as a settlement agent(delegation). Tmoney serves as a ASP for the New targeted market, where settlement data are transferred back to the clearing center located in Tmoney’s head quarters, and the settlement reports are provided 9AM following working day.