[08/11/2017, 2017 Garuda Award]Best Franchise


- Established itself as Mongolia's 'money' with its advanced IT technology and know-how in operating the transportation card system

- Introduced 100% bus card payment system for public transport and contributed to the cultural development of Ulaanbaatar

T-Money Bus Card System, which is renowned for its world’s leading technology, is building a solid reputation in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital, as the system was officially awarded for its service quality.

Korea Smart Card Co., Ltd., the construction and operation company of T-Money bus card system, said on the 8th that it has won the "Best Prize" in the franchise category in the "2017 Garuda: the Golden Bird, symbol of Ulaanbaatar," which is a major prize for contributions to the development of Ulaanbaatar.

The fact that it was only after two years since Ulaanbaatar Smart Card(USCC, CEO Johnny Yoon) was jointly established in July 2015 in collaboration with Ulaanbaatar City makes the achievement more astonishing.

USCC has established the bus card system and now issuing and settling Mongolia's T-money, or "Umoney," to become a symbol of Mongolia's public transport evolution. In particular, the government has successfully introduced an automatic fare collection policy that settles bus fares using bus cards only. The "100% bus card" systems implementation is evaluated to have led prevention of free rides and fare invasion, achieving transparency in transportation income.

"The world's most advanced transportation card service, Tmoney Operation System and Electronic Payment System, has been introduced in Mongolia as 'Umoney' to provide a stable public transportation service to citizens," said Mayor Batbold Ulaanbaatar. "On behalf of the city of Ulaanbaatar, I would like to thank you."

Regarding the award, Johnny Yoon, head of USCC's corporate office, said, "We've been doing our best to stabilize the UMoney service quickly in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia," and "It would have been impossible without the active cooperation of Ulaanbaatar City. With Ulaanbaatar as a good reference, we will try to make sure that 'T-money' is recognized in more and more countries," he said.

Meanwhile, the 2017 Garuda Awards is Mongolia's top award, hosted by the city of Ulaanbaatar, which announces and awards the best company every year. This year, about 50 companies competed for the best companies in five areas, including ▲ Construction ▲ Road ▲ Factory, ▲ Brand, and ▲Frenze. Korea Smart Card won the "City Development Garuda 2017 Best Award" in the franchise sector.

Based on its advanced IT technology and know-how in operating the transportation card system, Korea Smart Card is stepping up efforts to expand its global T-money territory through exports of T-money transportation card systems and transportation services to Thailand and Mongolia in addition to their existing ones in Malaysia, Colombia, and Wellington, New Zealand. [End]